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FLOWIN Pilates




FLOWIN PILATES ®  aregraceful, smooth, strengthening and stretching exercises focused on the deep muscular system in compliance with a proper breathing. Suitable for correcting posture, muscle disbalance compensation, proper function of the spine and body shaping.


In FLOWIN PILATES ® lessons we use the FLOWIN ® equipment, which is composed of a large plate and a set of small pads for hands, feet, knees and elbows.

The FLOWIN makes some Pilates exercises easier - especially in their fluency, however another are more difficult, but also enrich and alive them.
During the exercise, emphasise is placed on the accurate performance of individual exercises, the natural function of the body, muscle balance and physical and mental awareness.


· Training concept designed for the general public

· Activate the deep stabilizing system

· Prevention of back pain

· Erect posture

· Strengthening and activating the core muscles

· Strengthens the muscles along the spine

· Activates the diaphragm and improves breathing quality

· Promotes functional flexibility, coordination, fitness and concentration

· Allows you to consciously control the extent and speed of movement

· A wide range of exercises

· Feeling of harmony - when moving, breathing and slipping