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Flowin introduction

Flowin is a new training equipment and fitness concept. The innovating team behind flowin is represented by former top athletes who, apart from a shared background within international athletics,also have been employed as head coaches and consulting physiotherapists in a number of different Swedish National teams.

Try Flowin for your Number One Workout!

This video explains it all:



The basic principles of the FLOWIN® Concept is based on vertically constructed movements over a larger plate, while friction is off-loaded by smaller pads sliding horizontally across the plate. The pad and plate friction has been carefully optimized for a safe effective motion,  in which the exerciser is able to fully master by simply altering the amount of applied pressure on the pads.

The FLOWIN® products are being used for top level athletes and for rehabilitation purposes within healthcare programs, as well as in  the use of  fitness industry with Group Training, Circuit Training and Personal Trainer programs.


Введение FLOWIN на русском языке

Friction TrainingTM - shape your body 


Friction training, unlike conventional fitness activities you will have more fun. You can do it anytime, anywhere. FLOWIN ® offers more than 300 different exercises that you can arbitrarily vary and combine.


FLOWIN ® mainly reinforces the center of the body, muscles clamping the pelvis and the vertebrae. You train inner parts of the muscle system which makes your body faster, more flexible and persistent.


During training you will use  your own body weight. It serves as a natural wight that the body does not switch and does not bother the joints unnecessarily.



With FLOWIN ® each exercise activates several muscle groups at once. The high-quality full-body workout is sufficient, therefore only 60 minutes are enough!


FLOWIN ® improves posture and prevents the effect against injury to joints and muscles. Control of friction is accurate, the range of motions you do is based on their current muscle strength.


With FLOWIN ® you  can train the whole body, and at all levels. In addition to classical training it can be used for various choreographies, stretching exercises or cardio.

According to your needs

Workout intensity and load rate is suitable to your current current needs. It does not matter how old and in what condition you are.



FLOWIN Group Training