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Indian head and antistress massage

I offer you a relaxing massage that will help you to  get rid of the daily stress and acts as a true remedy for pain, tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders. It is an ancient art of Indian head massage.  does It sound exceptionally? Yes, you are right, this technique is truly exceptional.

This massage has been practiced in India for more than thousand years, and it was made originally by  women who believed that they were maintaining hair health and strength. And they were right. The Massage scalp promotes blood flow to the follicles and improves the supply of nutrients for a  healthy hair growth.

The positive effects of massage for men with the falling out of hair can be supported with the use of cafein lotions with Panthenol which strengthens weakened hair roots and prolongs the growth phase of hair.
The most common cause of inadequate blood flow to the head is muscle tension generated by stress. Indian head massage plays such a vital role in the treatment of problems associated with stress, such as headaches, neck and shoulders trouble and tireness of eyes.
How Massage Works
Head, neck and shoulders are important energy points in the body and where the stress voltage begins to accumulate. Later, all manifested in the form of a stiff neck and shoulders or tension in the eyes and sometimes even hair loss. The effect of massage is not just physical, but also influences the emotional level. It soothes the soul, promotes relaxation and relieves stress. It will lead you to the maximum relaxation.

To make a head massage most effective, is needed to add a set of anti-stress massage shoulders and neck.
I received an international certification at the Dexter Academy Ltd  in Prague. The therapy  lasts for  about 45 min. and can be done almost anywhere: in a sitting position on a chair or lying on the ground. If you wish you could get this massage at the comfort of your home.
Please do not hesitate to contact me.