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Power Yoga



It is a dynamic art of yoga that focuses on relaxation, stretching and the strength of the entire body.

In contrast to traditional yoga asanas (positions) remains relatively long in power yoga asanas are dynamically changed. It is a form of exercise that not only improves physical body, but also help you to calm the nervous system down  and develop balance and coordination.

Power yoga is not only focused on the major muscle groups, but also on the deep set stabilizer muscles that maintain good posture. Power yoga is physically more demanding than classic yoga and help you to lose weight and also to shape your body.

Breathing plays a very important role during the excersises. Full yogic breath makes the exercise more intense, stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism.
The course of the lesson:

Lesson starts with warming and breathing exercises followed by "Greeting the sun" and  standing asanas (positions), which are the majority of the session, after that we focus on ground and reversed asánas. The session will finish with a short stretching and relaxation.

What is necessary for power yoga :

 The practice of power Yoga is on barefoot, comfortable clothes, a bottle of water and a towel. Before the exercise is not recommended  to eat,for  at least two hours, in order to avoid any invconvenient.

The benefits of power yoga exercises are:

- Contribution to the stretching, strengthen and streamline of the muscles.

- Learning how to work with the breathing, supporting the ability to concentrate

- Helps you with flexibility and balance.

- Helps to shape the body (since you can burn fat and work all your body muscles)

- To charge energy, so you can harmonizes the whole organism
Yoga can be safely practiced if you have no health restrictions, otherwise consult it with your practitioner and inform the instructor your diagnose so he can recomend the adecuate excercises.
Special lesson:

Power yoga for healthy spine and back

Back pain is one of the most common pains that plague modern men. A substantial part of the day we spend it on a sedentary position or in the office at the computer or behind the wheel of a car. The result of this  is a poor posture and improper movement patterns.
All of us can do something for our back,and compensate the bad positions to which we are used to.
These sessions are focused on relaxation, reconditioning back, strengthen back, abdominal muscles and core muscles. All these parts of the body help you to create a good posture.

From the yogic perspective, the spine is the main runway for our energy. When shifted or blocked, our body does not flow energy properly. Which shows muscle tension, stress, pain and limited mobility.

Come to these sessions and fight stress, relax, stretch, equilibrate muscle disbalance and strengthen your muscles properly. This course could be a way out to your painful back and an entrance to a healthy and happy life.

Lessons are designed for healthy people! If your pain is related to  a chronic disease, please consult with your practitioner, also inform the instructor your diagnose so he can recomend the adecuate excercises.