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For all those who want to lose weight or watch their waistline, there's a concept of Poweryoga FIT & SLIM, which is based on the implementation of dynamic asanas in the rhythm of breathing. Dynamic configuration is based on the classic sun salutation and advanced exercisers are added to "Vinyasa".

This training generates heat in your body, so it stimulates metabolism and helps you to lose weight. During lessons we focus also on problematic areas, especially belly. Thanks to Power yoga you can sculpt your body lose some weight and relax.

Performing asanas in this concept is dynamic in order to relax, stretch and strengthen the entire body. If you did not move for a long time, it is advisable to start with a begginers session, where you will know a number of asanas (positions) at a slower pace and also will get good exercise habits.


For successful weight loss is not enough to occasionally visit yoga classes, but also taking care on proper hydration and diet. Ask your personal trainer or nutrition counselor.